Patent: Canon Working On A Full Frame Mirrorless Lens Adapter?

Patent: Canon Working On A Full Frame Mirrorless Lens Adapter?

Understanding patents is tough at the best of times, and when you have to rely on Google translate as well….

This patent appears to be an adapter that allows you to use existing EF or EF-S lenses on a new type of mount that’s on a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Now, just because we see a patent, doesn’t mean it’ll come to fruition, so take this with a grain of salt for now.  If this were to be real though, it would mean an entirely new lens mount and lens lineup was planned by Canon, for a mirrorless system.  What’s strange about that is that Sony have proven that full-frame mirrorless lenses are barely any smaller than a regular full–frame lens.  Canon must feel that the EF mount flange distance is detrimental to the potential size of a mirrorless system.

It would certainly be a hell of a task for them to design a new lineup of lenses. Just look at the ailing EF-M mount! They only released 2 or 4 lenses for that in 3 years.

From Google Translate

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-118208
    • Published 2015.6.25
    • Filing date 2013.12.18
  • Canon patents
    • Flange back is shorter body
    • Flange back is long, a lens having the same image circle as the image pickup device body
    • Flange back is long, a lens with a smaller image circle than the image pickup device body
    • Mount adapter to change the diameter of the flare cut stop, depending on the image circle of mounting the lens

Via: Egami

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