Sony To Release Monster 150 megapixel A9R! (Laughs)

Sony To Release Monster 150 megapixel A9R! (Laughs)

I’m sorry, I had to post this one, a rumor has surfaced suggesting that Sony may be working on a monstrous 150 megapixel A9! The rumor suggests that the resolution is due to Sony choosing to use a 2.4 micrometer pixel dimension for the new camera, which when applied to a full frame sensor gives an epic resolution of roughly 150 megapixels. The camera will also feature a ‘low-resolution’ mode, which will combine 4 pixels into one to allow a resolution of 36 megapixels (presumably for people who never wanted 150 megapixels in the first place, or who don’t have a trunk full of spare memory cards). Anyway, i’m not taking this at all seriously, the real world applications of such a resolution are few and far between for us mere mortals, and the cost of such a camera would undoubtably be rather high. Anyway, it is at least rather amusing after a long day at work!

source: thenewcamera.

Image: Sony Alpha 7R II

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