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Olympus Will Announce New Tough Action Camera

Olympus Will Announce New Tough Action Camera

A picture has leaked of what is believed to be a forthcoming action video camera from Olympus. Branding on the new Olympus suggests it is a member of the ‘Tough’ family of rugged, waterproof cameras, so durability will be a key feature here. The new camera will go head to head with the ever popular Go-Pro offerings, so it will be interesting to see what Olympus has planned to to differentiate and stick out from the action camera crowd. Interestingly we have also heard that the new Olympus will be compatible with Go-Pro accessories, a potentially shrewd selling point as the market for 3rd party Go-Pro accessories is already huge. First and foremost however Olympus has to make this unit as appealing, or even more appealing than its Go-Pro competitors, a constant battle for any manufacturer entering the action camera market.


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