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Leica to Host “World Preview of NEW Cameras” on September 30th

Leica to Host “World Preview of NEW Cameras” on September 30th

It seems announcement season may not be over after all! Leica have begun inviting people to an event to be held in Singapore on September the 30th which will include a “World Preview of NEW Cameras”. There is no hint as to what these new cameras may actually be so it is possible that the event will include the announcement of a new special edition model (Leica loves a special edition model). Let’s not forget though that there have been whisperings for a couple of months now that new Leica-T and X-Vario cameras may be on the way.


Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for more leaks in the run up to the September 30th event!

Via: Leicarumors.

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