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Sigma Will Make Sony FE Mount Lenses

Sigma Will Make Sony FE Mount Lenses

In a recent interview, Sigma’s president Kazuto Yamaki confirmed that the company will start producing full frame FE lenses for Sony E-mount cameras. It is not the first time Mr. Yamaki has made such a claim but with Sony’s market share increasing it can only be a matter of time before such claims become a reality. Mr. Yamaki revealed in the interview that he even went as far as purchasing himself an A7R II to test it’s capabilities:

The future of EF mount is beaming. So yes we will come out of EF mount objectives in the future. I personally bought a A7R II to understand the performance and capabilities of the Sony hybrids. I normally use our own devices with the Foveon sensor, but from time to time I buy new innovative devices ( “game changing cameras”). Just a few years I had purchased a Canon EOS 5D.

It is unclear when Sigma will begin manufacturing of FE mount lenses, but let’s hope that this time there is some substance behind Mr. Yamaki’s words.

Via: Focus-numerique

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