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Canon EF 600MM F/4 DO IS Patent Published

Canon EF 600MM F/4 DO IS Patent Published

Remember the insane Canon EF 600MM F/4 DO IS lens that debuted in prototype form at the Canon EXPO in September 2015? Well a patent showing the formula for the lens has appeared this week, a good indicator that Canon are well on their way to making the lens official. Check out the translated patent details below:

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-200685
    • Published 2016.12.1
    • A wish day 2015.4.9
  • Example 1
    • Focus distance 585.00
    • F-number 4.12
    • Half picture angle (degrees) 2.12
    • Like high 21.64
    • Overall length of the lens 335.32
    • BF 66.92
    • The effective diameter of the front lens 142.00
    • Aspherical four faces three
    • ス ー パ ー UD 2

A 600mm lens that measures in at 335.32mm, okay now read that again, that is pretty impressive, diffractive optics really are the future.

Via: Egami.


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