OMD E-M1 II to be Available as Soon as This Weekend??

OMD E-M1 II to be Available as Soon as This Weekend??

There is a lot of conflicting information doing the rounds right now regarding exactly when the the new OMD E-M1 II will become available to to buyers. Both Amazon and B&H still show December 12th as the release date for the camera, but only a couple of days ago Olympus themselves claimed the camera wouldn’t ship until the 22nd. Today we have received more conflicting information, Olympus have released a flyer suggesting the E-M1 II will be available in stores TOMORROW!

Reader 1: “Launched of em1 mk2 in Singapore is confirmed to be 9 Dec. customers here could pick it up from store. Attach is Oly online flyer.

Reader 2: “My local dealer here in Germany just told me that Olympus will be sending out the first shipment of E-M1 mark II to all the pro-dealers tomorrow from Hamburg. Cameras are expected to be available in the shops from Friday maybe Saturday on.

It looks like the report of the December 22nd shipping date was either incorrect, or perhaps related to the Japanese market only. That is fantastic news for those in other markets eagerly awaiting their new cameras!!

Via: 43R.

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