New Nikon Mirrorless Registered in Indonesia?

New Nikon Mirrorless Registered in Indonesia?

A new Nikon camera has been registered with the Indonesian Communications Agency. The rumor doing the rounds this morning is that the camera is a new Nikon 1 Mirrorless camera possibly the Nikon 1 J6, which may be announced in early 2017. We don’t have any further details but if the camera is a new Nikon mirrorless it will be interesting to see what the company will be bringing to the table. The mirrorless market is going off right now with premium cameras such as the EOS M5 and the OMD E-M1 II now shipping, I would expect Nikon’s next effort to be aimed squarely at the midrange but they are going to have to up their mirrorless game if they want to remain competitive!

Via: Nokishita.

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