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Further Pentax KP Details Emerge

Further Pentax KP Details Emerge

Further details of the mysterious Pentax KP DSLR which was recently registered have emerged over the weekend, we now know the following:

  • The new camera will be officially unveiled on January 26th (26th in Japan, 25th in Europe and the Americas, the exact time of announcement will be 11pm CST / 5pm EST)
  • The new camera is expected to start shipping by the end of February
  • The Pentax KP is not a replacement for the K-3 II, it’s a brand new concept, with a very well-considered battery grip system
  • Update – the exact translation from German is “the KP is more than a refinement of the K-3II“, this does not exclude that the KP could be the replacement for the K-3II

Its looking like this could be a new APS-C replacement for the K-3II, but really without further details it is impossible to do anything but speculate. It will be interesting to see how this one evolves, stay tuned!

Via: PR.

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