Canon CN-E 70-200 T4.4 L IS KAS Leaks Ahead of Launch

Canon CN-E 70-200 T4.4 L IS KAS Leaks Ahead of Launch

UPDATE: Ooops, B&H posted their video about the lens too early.

Canon are set to launch a new CN-E 70-200 t4.4 L IS KAS lens at NAB this week, to compliment the 18-80 t4.4 L IS KAS that was launched last year. What’s unclear at this point is whether the lens will cover a full frame sensor, or only a super-35mm sensor. The 70-200mm focal range has always been used in full frame lenses, so it would be a considerable departure from the norm if this lens was restricted to a smaller image circle. If the lens covers a full frame sensor, I think this might tell us a little about Canon’s future plans…

The lens is expected to be announced tomorrow, so there’s not long to wait!

Via: Nokishita Twitter account.

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