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DPReview on the Sony A9: More Speed, Less Dynamic Range

DPReview on the Sony A9: More Speed, Less Dynamic Range

The DSLR isn’t dead yet folks, and whilst the arrival of the photographic paradigm shift that is the Sony A9 has caused quite a stir, now that the dust has settled the chinks in the cameras armour are starting to appear.

DPReview have been testing the A9‘s dynamic range and ISO performance and have found that the cameras sensor has been optimized for speed rather than dynamic range performance, with higher read noise levels in particular having a dramatic effect on image results in post processing. That headline 20fps RAW, whilst being an extremely impressive statistic, has come at the cost of image quality under certain circumstances.

The A9 is still an unquestionable achievement, but it is also an indicator that we are still a ways away from seeing a mirrorless camera that truly offers a no compromise solution for professionals.

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