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Sony A7III Coming This Autumn Featuring 24MP Sensor!

Sony A7III Coming This Autumn Featuring 24MP Sensor!

There has been some increased rumor activity today surrounding what is suspected to be the next big camera release from Sony, the A7III:

  • The new camera will be announced this autumn.
  • The A7III will feature a 24MP sensor, most likely the same unit as the A9.
  • The camera will feature the autofocus system from the A9.
  • The camera will not feature the high frame rate found on the A9.

Initially we had heard reports that the A7III was delayed until winter time so rumors of an autumn announcement are positive. It is begning to sound very much like the A7III will sit below the A9 in Sony’s line-up, a more wallet friendly camera with some but not all of the benefits offered by the flagship A9. Hopefully we can get some pricing information soon as this will be a surefire indicator of exactly where in Sony’s line-up the A7III will sit.

Via: SAR.

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