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Canon Announce the EOS 5D Mark IV, Now With C-LOG

Canon Announce the EOS 5D Mark IV, Now With C-LOG

Canon have announced the C-LOG equipped version of their 5D Mark IV full frame pro DSLR:

Appealing to filmmakers is Canon Log, which is offered pre-installed on this model. This gamma setting helps users capture images with an expanded dynamic range of 800%, or 12 stops. Also, it provides latitude for working with the footage in post-production during color grading. Along with this function is a View Assist setting, which helps users see a more accurate representation of the footage when viewing on the rear LCD or an external display.

The C-LOG upgrade will also be available to current EOS 5D IV shooters who’s current hardware doesn’t have the required components, but will require a trip to a Canon service center and a wad of cash to make it happen.

The EOS 5D Mark IV with C-LOG is available for pre-order right now for $3,599, a $100 dollar premium over the RRP of the non C-LOG version (On special for $3,299 right now) which is worth taking into account if you simply won’t use the boosted video features. Grab your EOS 5D Mark IV with C-LOG below:

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with C-LOG at B&H Photo.

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