Fuji X-T2S In Development With On-Board Image Stabilization?

Fuji X-T2S In Development With On-Board Image Stabilization?

There are rumors currently doing the rounds which suggest that the successor to the wildly popular X-T2 will be called the X-T2s and will feature on-board image stabilization.

There are two points of note with this one folks. Firstly, does the ‘s’ of X-T2s stand for stabilization? If so is that all this camera is, an X-T2 with IS? Secondly, if the ‘s’ doesn’t stand for stabilization then are we getting an update rather than a next generation? Traditionally ‘s’ cameras feature incremental improvements rather than sweeping generational changes (unless you are Sony of course!).

We will have to wait to see how this develops, currently this is literally all the available information so Stay Tuned!

Via: FR.

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