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The Visoflex Viewfinder Can BRICK the TL2!

The Visoflex Viewfinder Can BRICK the TL2!

Yesterday we brought you news that the new Leica TL2 was perhaps being withdrawn from sale due to an issue caused by the Visoflex viewfinder. Today we can bring you some more details and it doesn’t look good. An unknown source has provided the following information:

“When using the Leica TL2 in combination with the external electronic viewfinder (Visoflex) a possible failure with the camera can occur. If this defect occurs, then it is no longer possible to use the camera.”

Obviously this isn’t official but if it is true then it is a major problem for Leica, the Visoflex is the only EVF available for the TL2. If you have already invested in a TL2 then be very careful indeed until this has been rectified!

Via: LR.


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