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Sony Announce Development of the G Master 400mm F/2.8

Sony Announce Development of the G Master 400mm F/2.8

Sony have finally let slip that they are officially developing a G Master 400mm F/2.8 super-telephoto lens for E-mount cameras. The news will be welcomed warmly by early A9 adopters who, having purchased such a capable sports and wildlife biased camera were left a little wanting when it came to long reaching glass to strap to it!

The lens isn’t exactly unexpected, Sony are keen to sell mirrorless cameras such as the A9 and the new A7R III to professional photographers and therefore need a range of lenses that can live up to the potential their cameras deliver. As such the G Master 400mm f/2.8 should be seen as the first of what will no doubt become a decent collection of ‘Standard focal length’ pro-spec lenses. The only down side of the announcement is the proposed announcement date of the new lens, Summer 2018.

Via: SAR.

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