Further Leica CL Details Emerge

Further Leica CL Details Emerge

A user at the Leica Camera Forums has spilled the beans on a very basic feature list for the forthcoming camera:

  • Name will probably be “CL.”
  • 1/8000 mechanical shutter.
  • Same EVF as the Typ 020, but without GPS.
  • Leaked photos are the actual camera.
  • Appears to be a tandem (my word choice) product rather than an upgrade.
  • Price slightly more than that of current TL2 + external EVF.
  • No mention of IBIS or PDAF.

The Leica CL (which has also been referred as the XY) is thought to be a close relation to the TL2, with the addition of  built in EVF. The CL/XY is due for release next week so stay tuned for further information as it comes in!

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