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Author: Mr Blue

Canon Testing Two EF 50mm L Lenses

The Canon EF 50mm L rumor is almost as old as time itself (well okay not quite) but historically it has ended up being a bit of a blank round as far as announcements go. Good news however for those of you who are still eagerly awaiting an EF 50mm f/1.4L as one is apparently being tested right now. It is unclear what the other prototype is exactly but It could be the 50mm f/2 APO lens that was patented earlier this year. It would be easy to dismiss this rumor given its lack of substance in the past...

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New Canon DSLR Series Coming in 2018?

There are some whisperings about at the moment that Canon may announce a ‘new DSLR series’ in 2018. The speculation has arisen from a presentation by Canon, in which they apparently directly referenced a new series, albeit without providing any name or model information. It is unclear what Canon could have in mind if such a rumor were true but the following are the top three guesses at what the manufacturer may or may not be working on:   EOS Cinema DSLR A cinema DSLR camera to replace the discontinued EOS-1D C. This has been talked about numerous times over...

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Profoto A1 Speedlight Officially Announced

Profoto have officially taken the wraps off their first camera mounted speedlight, the Profoto A1. Not only is the A1 Profoto’s first foray into the world of camera mounted lighting, it is also currently the world’s smallest studio flash. The A1 will be available for both Canon and Nikon cameras.   Built-In AirTTL, Use On or Off Camera Recycling: 0.05 to 1.2 Sec Li-Ion Battery: 350 Full Power Flashes High Speed Sync, LED Modeling Light 9 Stop Power Range, 76 Ws Output Weighs 1.2 lb Including Battery Optional Wireless TTL with Air Remote Includes Bounce Card, Dome Diffuser Wide...

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The RX0 is Available for Pre-Order!

Sony’s first serious foray into the action camera market, the RX0 is now available for pre-order from all major US retailers. The diminutive yet powerful camera comes packing the following specs for $698.00. Outputs 4:2:2 UHD 4K Video via HDMI Ultra-Compact, Lightweight Body 21MP 1″ Stacked CMOS Sensor Timecode-Sync Multiple Cameras Records 1080p60 Video Internally Zeiss 24mm-Equivalent Lens, f/4 Aperture XAVC-S, AVCHD and .MP4 Recording S-Log2 Gamma & Picture Profile Settings Water / Shock/ Crush-Proof Body Control via iOS or Android App Is it a GoPro beater? It had better be for almost twice the price! Grab yours below:...

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Nikon Really Are Working on a Full Frame Mirrorless Camera!

Nikon have, in a recent interview, confirmed that they are working on a full frame mirrorless system camera! The design is said to be inspired by the company’s range of film cameras and will be neither fully retro or fully modern. That’s two different ways of saying the same thing but you get the idea. Nikon have also let on that they don’t like the Sony A7 design, so I suppose their new camera won’t look like an A7! The camera will apparently appeal to professional photographers, which is a big claim so Nikon better have the goods to...

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Canon G5 X Mark II

A rumored specification of the Canon G5 X Mark II has appeared today suggesting that the next camera will not be one of the new wave of Canon portables to adopt an APS-C sensor. The rumor in fact suggests that the overall MP count will remain unchanged at 20.2 but the new camera will feature Dual-Pixel Autofocus and improved overall image quality. The G5 X was a handy little camera in it’s own right so lets hope the new model can live up to expectations! 1″ sensor 20.2MP Improved image quality DPAF Via:...

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Tamron Officially Doesn’t Officially Announce the 100-400MM F/4.5-6.3 DI VC USD!

Okay, you have all heard me moan about this before, but what is it with announcing the development of a product! All you are really announcing is that one day you will be announcing something, and when you do everyone will be over the excitement. So without further a do, Tamron have officially announced that they will be announcing the 100-400MM F/4.5-6.3 DI VC USD for Canon EF, and Nikon F-Mount, and that the announcement will hopefully be by the end of this year. It’s a good job they make some pretty killer lenses! The non-announcement even contains this awesome...

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Three Sony Camcorders Leaked!

It’s not often these days that Images of new Sony products appear before their announcement so it is rather surprising today so see pictures of three now camcorders! Hot on the heels of Canon’s latest releases it looks like Sony are ready to enter the fray with their own 4k capable units: Sony PXW-Z90 Sony HXR-NX80 Sony FDR-AX700 Detailed specs are unclear at the moment but we can see both 4k and Zeiss branding so expect high quality optics. These will no doubt be seen as direct competitors to the likes of the Canon XF400, 405, and GX10 and...

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GoPro Hero6 Black in Retail Packaging Leaks!

It looks like GoPro are about to unleash the latest generation of their stalwart action camera! An image has surfaced today which shows a GoPro Hero6 Black editing in full retail garb,  complete with details of it’s 12MP sensor and 4K 60FPS video capabilities. The outgoing Hero5 could only manage 4k at 30FPS so the Hero6 is really upping the ante. We are expecting the new camera to arrive on September 28th so look out for some more leaks in the very near future! Via: PR....

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