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First Leaked Photos Of The Leica Q (Type 116)

We finally have the first images of Leica’s upcoming full frame fixed lens camera, and boy is it a stunner!  Featuring the same 24MP full frame sensor from the Leica M-P, and a 28mm f/1.7 Summilux fixed lens, this camera won’t come cheap. The Leica Q Type 116 will be announced on June 11th! For these photos, we can thank the Facebook page of a Leica dealer from Hong Kong, called NPC Photo… although they might be an ex Leica dealer after this monumental faux pas. Specifications should be as follows… Lens: Summilux 1: 1.7 / 28mm ASPH 24MP CMOS full...

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The Fuji X-Pro 2 Will Be Weather Sealed!

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what Fuji’s next major camera release is going to be.  With crowds of professional photographers flocking to the XT-1, the X-Pro lineup has been left out in the cold now for a few years.  The X-Pro 2 is a highly anticipated camera and with the success of the X-T1, it has a lot to live up to.  Fuji Rumors is reporting that a trusted source has told them the X-Pro 2 will feature weather sealing.  I should hope so!  This is supposed to be their top of the line camera… I...

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Phase One Launches New XF Camera, IQ3 Digital Backs + New Lenses

It was a busy day for Danish camera manufacturer, Phase One.  Some details about this launch were leaked a few days ago, but today the new XF platform was officially unveiled, alongside three new IQ3 digital backs and a couple of new Schneider lenses. The XF camera looks to be a rather incredible piece of technology that screams “Medium Format is not dead!”.  It is modular in design, and features innovative technology like built in sensor thermometer, seismograph for measuring shutter vibration and a Profoto wireless trigger. On the digital back side of things, the IQ3 backs are a...

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New Phase One XF Camera & IQ3 Digital Backs Coming

The long-awaited update to the Phase One medium format camera system looks set to take place this coming week with an all new XF modular camera system. The new XF platform has a waist level viewfinder which is a first for digital medium formate cameras, and it appears to be a simple modular option that can be removed and switched for a more traditional viewfinder. Alongside the XF camera, there will be a new 80MP CMOS back called the IQ3 series.  It’s not clear yet whether this will be a “cropped” medium format frame like the previous IQ2 CMOS...

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Latest Info On Canon 6D Mark 2

The replacement for the original EOS 6D is reportedly in development and scheduled for a release sometime in 2016, after the EOD 5D Mark IV and 1DX Mark II.  It is said that Canon are trying to shrink the 6D down a little more for this revised version, and pricing will increase slightly as well.  The original 6D was a touch smaller than the 5D Mark II, and that was welcomed by many people.  If they can shrink it down even further then it’ll be popular with a lot of travel photographers.  The 6D Mark II will also, reportedly,...

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