New Phase One XF Camera & IQ3 Digital Backs Coming

New Phase One XF Camera & IQ3 Digital Backs Coming

The long-awaited update to the Phase One medium format camera system looks set to take place this coming week with an all new XF modular camera system.

The new XF platform has a waist level viewfinder which is a first for digital medium formate cameras, and it appears to be a simple modular option that can be removed and switched for a more traditional viewfinder.

Alongside the XF camera, there will be a new 80MP CMOS back called the IQ3 series.  It’s not clear yet whether this will be a “cropped” medium format frame like the previous IQ2 CMOS 50MP sensor.

There will also be two new lenses: Schneider Kreuznach 120mm LS f/4 Macro and 35mm LS f/3.5.

Phase-One-XF-medium-format-camera-5-550x317 Phase-One-XF-medium-format-camera-7-550x294 Phase-One-XF-medium-format-camera-6-550x295 Phase-One-LS-medium-format-lenses-550x290 Phase-One-XF-medium-format-camera-2-550x294 Phase-One-XF-medium-format-camera-550x293 Phase-One-IQ3-digital-back


Via: @voidshatter跑焦 on Weibo