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Are Fuji Working On A New Medium Format Camera?

Are Fuji Working On A New Medium Format Camera?

An interesting rumor has surface again, that suggests Fuji might be working on a new digital medium format camera. Fuji has a long history in the medium format world, with cameras like the incredible GF670, so it would make some sense that they might try to revisit this now that sensor production costs have come down so much. Last year we saw the first medium format CMOS sensor from Sony, and that was used by Pentax, Leaf and Phase One in the digital MF backs. Could we soon be seeing the first medium format X-Trans sensor?

When asked about this in a recent trade meeting, Fuji would not comment, but they also didn’t deny it…. hmmm

Fuji really captivated people with the X100 when it came out, and it was surely one of the most successful camera designs of the last 50 years.  Could they do the same thing again with a much larger sensor?  Even though sensor costs have come down, this would still be a camera that would have to cost many thousands of dollars. Would people pay it?  I think they would… if the sensor was truly big enough.  I’m personally not at all interested in any kind of cropped medium format sizing.  It just seems pointless to me and for that reason I’m not even a fan of the 50MP Sony MF CMOS sensor, which has a 1.3x crop factor.

Fuji, if you’re listening… please do this properly with a full frame MF sensor.  Leica are proving that people will pay for a fixed lens camera that costs over $4000, with the Leica Q (Type 116).  I would pay that amount for a medium format version of the X100, in a heartbeat.

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