Zeiss Touit Lenses – A Failed Experiment, Or Sensible Decision?

Zeiss Touit Lenses – A Failed Experiment, Or Sensible Decision?

According to the SonyAlphaRumors site, there will not be any new lenses added to the Zeiss Touit lineup this year, and possibly not even next year.  It seems that they did not sell well, and Zeiss will now continue development on the new Batis lineup of full frame lenses instead.  Discounts on the Touit lineup have been available for some time, so it’s not a huge surprise, and reviews weren’t exactly stellar in the first place.


There’s always been two problems with the Touit lineup.

1. The Fuji X-Mount versions are competing against an already excellent set of Fujifilm lenses, and reviews of the Touit lineup never suggested you were going to get very much more for your money.  This might also seem like a silly point, but I also believe that people are buying into the Fuji “look”, and putting a lens on the camera that doesn’t match it, isn’t nearly as appealing as a perfectly paired Fuji one.  Several people have told me they simply love the look of the Fuji system, so it makes sense to me that they would go so far as to let it influence their lens choice.  Not everyone is out there for ultimate image quality.  I know, shocker, right?!

2. The E-Mount Sony system is basically doomed because their full frame Alpha system kicks so much ass. Simple as that.  Anyone who has the extra money for a Zeiss lens, or wants to buy into the Zeiss name, is going to be buying an A7 or an A7R.  The new Batis lenses will be much better for Zeiss….

Personally, I think it’s a smart move to ditch the Touits.  APS-C has always had its days numbered, and whilst Fuji have gone all-in, there’s no doubt the day will come when the X-System goes full frame.  Maybe not for a few years… but it’ll come.

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