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Nikon D5 Leak & Rumor Roundup

Nikon D5 Leak & Rumor Roundup

Ok lets take stock on the Nikon D5 leaks and rumors all in one post.  The story of the D5 has been a bit of a strange one…

First of all we got the bizarre “announcement” from Nikon that they were working on a D5.  Thanks Nikon, we couldn’t have figured that one out without your help *rolls eyes*.  Then there was the baffling incident of a guy walking into a camera shop in France and finding a D5 on a shelf, long before it has yet been announced.  Not only did he find it, but the shop assistant let him play around with it and even photograph it.

In the history of camera leaks, this goes down as one of the strangest ones! Of course there are sample camera of the D5 floating around, but finding one in a random camera store is incredible.

D5 6

The fact that it was a store sample suggests it was left there by a sales rep, and that means the camera is near finalization and out of the hands of testers.  When sales reps start doing the rounds with new models, it means the release is close because the probability of a leak increases ten-fold once people outside of Nikon have been given the information.

D5 2

We previously suspected a lot of info about the camera, but much of this was confirmed by the incident in France, including the new AF system, megapixel count and wider spread of AF points within the frame.

Here’s were we are at now:

  • 20MP
  • ISO 102,400
  • 15 fps
  • Similar body design to D4s (ISO button moved)
  • 153 AF points
  • Wider AF point spread
  • January 2016 Announcement (first half)


Via: Chassimages

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