Panasonic: No 4/3 Sensors Larger Than 24MP, No Full-Frame Cameras

Panasonic: No 4/3 Sensors Larger Than 24MP, No Full-Frame Cameras

An interesting interview with a supposed Panasonic employee is currently doing the rounds. Although it should absolutely be taken with a grain of salt as the source is unverified, the interview does include some interesting information. The first point of interest is the suggestion that the micro 4/3 sensor format may have a maximum sensor size of 24 megapixels. This is interesting because with a little mathematics it suggests that a micro 4/3 sensor will not be capable of capturing 8k images (I will spare you the mathematics but 8k in a 4/3 format requires roughly 44 megapixels). The second interesting fact is that Panasonic is not currently interested in working on any full-frame sensor systems, choosing instead to focus on smaller more portable formats. We have already seen suggestions that Olympus may well be developing a full-frame system of some kind, and Pentax now have the K-1, therefore the market is absolutely there. Perhaps one day we will see Panasonic make the jump, but for now, and of course providing this information turns out to be reliable, don’t expect to see any full-frame cameras out of the Panasonic camp anytime soon. Have a read through the interview in question below:

Q: Any possibility for multi-aspect again?
A: We didn’t gave the multi-aspect up yet. That said, we’re considering it with the market flows.

Q: Did GM line go away?
A: In Europe we’re successful with GH, G and GX, while we’re most profitable with GF in Asia. GM sales didn’t came up to our expectations, so we’re adjusting the timing for release.

Q: Is it possible to improve AF performance on 4K/30p technologically?
A: It’s possible.

Q: Then is it possible as well on GX8, G7 via firmware upgrade?
A: We’re considering. As processor-image processing engine- allows we’ll find the way out.

Q: What’s going on the organic sensors?
A: We’re on the way of development. That’s all I know for now, and I hope the sensor to come in M4/3 as well.

Q: UHD goes to 8K in the end. Can we have the 8K on M4/3 sensors?
A: Personally I expect the M4/3 sensor allows 24MP at maximum. I doubt if M4/3 sensor could offer more than that MPs considering pixel density matter.

Q: Then we should have an organic sensor as a prior condition for 8K, right?
A: (Smiling)I think so. Yet I have nothing to say about organic sensors.

Q: How about GH5?
A: My apologies, but I’m not allowed to tell anything of it. We’re on the development.

Q: Would FF ever comes from Panasonic?
A: We’re not considering FF. The beauty of M4/3 is its compactness and we’re maximizing its value in that regard.

Q: Any comments for tiny grainy noises?
A: It’s all about sensor density, so I can’t say if it would get improvements soon. We’re taking it into our account as well.

Q: Does panasonic have any plan for retro-designed cameras like X100 or PEN-F?
A: We don’t.

Q: Would every forthcoming cameras have 4K? If they would, then do they have same 4K features?
A: I expect they’ll do have 4K all, yet I’m not sure if their features and performance would be same.

Q: Could existing models like GF7 acquire 4K via firmware update?
A: I doubt it Processor-wise.

Image: Panasonic GH4


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