No Canon 6D Mark II Until 2017, Or At All?

No Canon 6D Mark II Until 2017, Or At All?

The photography rumor- mill is reporting that those awaiting a replacement for the Canon 6D, the company’s budget friendly full frame camera will have to wait until the beginning of 2017. The given reason is that with the 5D Mark IV expected in august, announcing the 6D this year as well would give Canon shooters two cameras to choose from, and therefore could detract from initial 5D Mark IV sales. The rumoured specification of the new 6D is as follows:

  • 24mp Full Frame CMOS
  • Dual-pixel AF technology
  • ISO range 204800 or more
  • Improved Auto-focus performance  (sensitivity upto -5 EV)
  • WiFi with NFC and GPS
  • Wireless battery charging with the Qi standard
  • Touchscreen
  • Swivel LCD
  • Anti-flicker

Here is the problem though; We have already reported this week that Canon is working on a full frame mirrorless camera, it will also be 24 megapixels, and will also accept EF lenses. We have to therefore ask is the 6D Mark II actually coming at all? Providing the full frame mirrorless offering Canon is working on comes in at an attractive price-point, there are surely many users who would choose this over a new 6D if they were looking for a more affordable Canon branded full frame system. If the success of Sony’s A7 full frame mirrorless cameras is anything to go by then providing the quality is there Canon would struggle to keep a more compact EF lens compatible full frame system on the shelves. With the EOS-1D X mark II arriving in may (and providing 5D Mark IV and full frame mirrorless rumors are accurate), the inclusion of a new 6D in the company’s line-up would mean that Canon would be releasing 4 mirrorless cameras in the space of 12 months. Although aimed at varying levels of shooter, one has to ask would Canon not be spreading them selves a little too thin? We should not forget that the 6D although well received, was not runaway hit, and here at we think Canon would be wise to can the 6D Mark II (if it even exists) and focus on clawing back some ground on Sony’s domination of the full frame mirrorless market. Just saying!

Anyway, speculation aside, you can check out the current Canon EOS 6D at the following links:

Source:, thenewcamera.

Image: Canon EOS 6D.

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