These Nikon Keymission 360 Videos Look….Awful?

These Nikon Keymission 360 Videos Look….Awful?

Back in January at CES, Nikon unveiled their first foray into the action camera market, and surprised a few people by showing a 360 camera, no less.  The Keymission 360 camera was presented with few details other than the fact that is shoots “4k”.

Why am I using quotation marks for “4k”, well, just take a look at the sample videos on Youtube.   They look absolutely awful, and it appears as if so many people pointed this out that they actually disabled the comments on the videos and felt the need to add a comment to the description citing that connection speed can effect video quality. Yeah Nikon, we know that… but not this much!

They may have silenced the Youtube commenters, but most websites that initially reported on the cameras at CES also carry a fair array of comments that point out the poor quality, and the poor stitching of the videos into the 360 sphere.

The problem with the term 4K is that we have come to think of it as describing the resolution that’s on the screen in the video in front of us.  But what if a camera company uses it to describe the full width of a 360 video? The result is that the part that you can see at a single glance within the usual 16:9 viewing winwo, would just be a tiny portion of that 4k resolution.  Unless the sensors that Nikon used are truly that bad, this appears to be what they have done.

Further news about these cameras is non-existent. No price, no delivery dates… have they sent them back to the drawing board after the rough reception?

Take a look at the videos, yourself.  Even if you use the Youtube quality settings and force it to 4k (2160p), they look like cell phone images from 5 or 6 years ago. What gets me even more is just look at the video thumbnail they used for the kayak video!  It even demonstrates the poor stitching right there!