Patent: Sony Working on Per Pixel Electronic Shutter Sensor

Patent: Sony Working on Per Pixel Electronic Shutter Sensor

Now here is something very interesting. Sony has patented a sensor that is capable of controlling the exposure of each of its individual pixels. The design will utilize electronic shutters, presumably turning on and off each individual pixel independently based on exposure requirements. Such a system would firstly greatly benefit dynamic range capabilities, allowing the accurate capture of high contrast images in one single shot. There are also benefits for shooters of moving subjects, who would be able to essentially freeze their subject in place at high speed whilst simultaneously capturing a longer exposure of background details. The possibilities are extremely exciting once you begin to imagine how this technology could potentially be used. One interesting question would concern the issue of user control of the system, with the shooter perhaps setting a dynamic range bracket rather than a traditional exposure-time, or an exposure time for the subject of the image and a target dynamic range for any other image content. We will eagerly await further news of how Sony plans to implement this system, but we would expect to see it rolling out in the company’s high end mirrorless systems at some point in the future.


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