Canon Files Patent for WiFi in Cameras with Metal Bodies

Canon Files Patent for WiFi in Cameras with Metal Bodies

Canon have lodged a new patent that details a system allowing GPS and Wi-Fi to be used in full-metal bodied DSLRs. Thus far containing radio functions within metal bodies has proved problematic because the bodies itself causes signal interference, indeed the 1D Mark X Mark II included GPS mounted on-top of the viewfinder hump under a polycarbonate cover to overcome this problem. Canon are now looking into a solution that would locate both Wi-Fi and GPS above the viewfinder hump in a polycarbonate housing, thus allowing accurate GPS and reliable Wi-fi performance whilst maintaining all the benefits of housing the camera components within a rugged metal frame. Check out the patent details below:

Patent Publication No. 2016-53665

  • Published 2016.4.14
  • Filing date 2014.9.4
  • Magnesium alloy
  • Providing a GPS module to the finder part
  • To protect the GPS module in the wireless communication lid made of a synthetic resin material
  • The GPS module and the warship portion connected by high thermal conduction efficiency copper foil tape, heat away

We would expect this technology to begin appearing on cameras such as the rumoured EOS 5D Mark IV when it is announced later this year.