Pentax K-1 Now Shipping

Pentax K-1 Now Shipping

Exciting news for those eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Pentax K-1. Amazon has begin shipping orders to customers who pre-ordered the camera. The K-1 is now shown as being “Temporarily out of stock” with the retailer, meaning all existing stock has been shipped, and once pre-orders are fulfilled the camera will be available for purchase from the website by the general public. B&H are showing the camera as becoming available at the beginning of May for general purchasing, and you can be sure that as they receive deliveries of the camera they will be shipping them out to pre-order customers too.

The Pentax K-1 is certainly an exciting camera and as the firm’s first foray into the field of full frame DSLR cameras there is a lot hanging on its success. On paper it certainly strikes a fine balance between features and price-point, we look forward to receiving feedback from on the ground users as they get their hands on the new camera. You can check out our review round-up of the K-1 here, and order yours at the following links:

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