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Canon Q1 Profits Fall by 39%

Canon Q1 Profits Fall by 39%

Canon are reporting a first quarter fall in profits of a huge 39% in 2016. The manufacturer are siting a drop in compact camera and office equipment sales as the prime reason for the fall, which would perhaps explain why there are such fantastic deals on Canon DSLR and printer bundles at the moment. If a drop in compact camera sales is indeed part of the problem Canon is currently facing then unfortunately they only have themselves to blame. Competition in this sector of the market is extremely stiff with cameras like Sony’s RX100 IV and Fuji’s X100T providing shooters with extremely capable, portable and stylish options at a reasonable price. Although capable the G7X doesn’t quite measure up and the G5X is perhaps slightly too big for some. Hopefully the release of the G7X II this month will finally put Canon on a level footing with it’s competitors.

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