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The Leica M-D (Typ 262) Leak Continues….

The Leica M-D (Typ 262) Leak Continues….

More solid information has arisen on the forthcoming Leica M-D (Typ 262). The camera was listed for a brief time on UK Leica retailer Red Dot Camera’s website, before being removed, presumably at Leica’s request once the information was discovered and began to spread across the internet. Red Dot Camera’s page reported the following in a full sales page for the camera:

“The new Leica M-D (Typ 262) is a new M camera variation dedicated to the essence of M: Rangefinder photography. The purest form of the manual digital rangefinder

  • Full mechanic control of all photographic functions thanks to the ISO speed dial
  • 24 MP-Still-CMOS sensor with Leica Maestro processor, ISO values of up to 6,400

In the case of the Leica M-D, the realisation of the purist concept consciously omits additional functions such as Live View or Video. All of which allow photographers to concentrate on what’s essential: the subject. It concentrates attention entirely on composition. It consistently shifts the focus to the creative aspects of each subject – less technology for more creativity.

The purist design lacks a display and menu system, along with the Leica red dot logo and in keep with the classic M design brings back the step on the top plate.

Made in Germany

Includes genuine leather camera strap, 2 year warranty and free 16gb SD card

Camera comes in a black paint finish”

The camera was priced at £4,650 incl. VAT. 

The camera will indeed feature no EVF, so it really is the purists dream. No menus, no superfluous settings and all exposure controls are physically adjusted using the camera hardware. No word yet on if the camera will come with a computer based settings package, to allow user tweaking of settings, or if all adjustment will have to come in post processing. If the latter is the case then we assume the M-D shoots RAW by default. Should the M-D employ the Maestro image processor used in the M (Typ 262) then technically file format and a plethora of other shooting settings should be switchable by accessing the camera’s onboard software. Whether Leica will allow us the freedom however is another unanswered question.

I personally do find this camera to be very desirable, the idea of recapturing the feeling of excitement and expectation of days of yore, when you shot without the knowledge of what the exact outcome would be is indeed appealing. A Novelty perhaps, but a comfortably nostalgic one. Once again, watch this space for further details.

Source: leicarumors.

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