Sony Patents Contact Lens Based Camera

Sony Patents Contact Lens Based Camera

Sony has filed a patent for a camera which is built into a smart contact lens. The camera includes a zoom lens, micro processor, Wi-Fi antenna and a built in image stabilisation unit. Sony aren’t the first company to investigate smart contact lens technology. Google has worked on an unreleased unit designed to monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, and Samsung has patented a smart lens designed to interact with a mobile phone. The Sony lens is supposedly controlled by movement of the eyelid itself, in a blink to click fashion, with the onboard image stabilization designed to absorb any shake caused by the movement of the eyelid over the unit. There are some foreseeable issues with the launch of contact lens mounted camera technology however. Much as the introduction of consumer level drone cameras has forced a serious rethink of the legislation surrounding the use of such equipment, specifically relating to safety and privacy, one would assume that contact lens cameras would face the same issues. Safety of course is not such an problem but privacy could be the downfall of such technology. Unless contact lens based cameras and their users are clearly identifiable, or they include some very clever onboard content controls, there is absolutely nothing to prevent the tech being used for somewhat less than honest purposes. I don’t mean to imply that Sony are working on some kind of subversive technology, and I am sure that they will be very aware of the potential misuse, and working very hard on solutions. That being said there are products already on the market that disguise cameras, such as the KJB Security Products Smartwatch, but the built in tech is of a low quality and having someone point their watch at you certainly is not as covert as a simple blink of an eye. I can at least foresee applications for such technology in military, law enforcement and industrial applications, but can the general consumer be trusted with such technology? We shall see, this could get very interesting.

Source: thenewcamera.

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