Sony Working on Medium Format Camera and Lenses?

Sony Working on Medium Format Camera and Lenses?

A New rumor has surfaced via sonyalpharumors suggesting that Sony may be working on their own medium format camera. Back in January Phase One announced the XF 100mp, a medium format camera that uses a 100 megapixel Sony sensor, so the tech is clearly there and working, the question is whether Sony will deploy it in a system of their very own. Here is what the source of the rumor had to say:

“A high ranking Sony distribution guy just told me not to be too fast going towards Hasselblad.  He hinted towards Sony releasing a medium format camera at Photokina together with a series of new lenses.  As the presentation of the Hasselblad I was pretty disappointed as 4K video did not work yet and the Phocus software couldn’t process the raw files right, it will take until June/July anyway to decide if this makes sense – so I will wait until Photokina.  There seems to be a good chance that we see the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera from Sony.”

It’s an interesting proposal, a lot of the leg work of developing the system would have been covered in the development of the Phase One system, but I have to wonder if Sony would really be interested in producing what is essentially a niche product. The one feature that would lend credence to the rumor would be if the camera was mirrorless. Sony is already busy cornering the mirrorless full frame market with their A7 cameras, and rumors suggest that there will be a new camera entering that line-up this year, so perhaps producing the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera would be an achievement that sony would want to add to their resume.

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