More Sony A9 Details Leaked

More Sony A9 Details Leaked

We have already briefly covered the rumored Sony A9, a camera that will supposedly be announced later this year and will sit above the Alpha A7 series of cameras in Sony’s line up. Whilst details are still thin on the ground there are trickles of information out there and using those we can surmise the following details about the forthcoming camera:

  • The A9 will likely feature a 70-80 Megapixel full frame sensor.
  • In improved Image stabilization system will be a feature of the A9.
  • The A9 will feature an increase in dynamic range over its predecessors.
  • The A9 will be smaller than a Canon 5d in size.
  • The A9 will feature dual onboard XQD memory card slots.
  • The A9 will feature unlimited continuous shooting.

Not a great deal of information, but as you would expect rumors suggest that Sony is pulling out all the stops with this one. It really could be the first time that we see a mirrorless camera that can truly go head to head with its full frame DSLR brethren such as the Nikon 810 or even the Nikon D5. It will be interesting to see what improvements Sony can bring to the camera’s live viewing systems, can they begin to really narrow the gap between DSLR and mirrorless on this front? We shall see. Watch this space.

Source: thenewcamera.

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