Nikon Patents 100X Zoom Lens

Nikon Patents 100X Zoom Lens

Nikon has patented a new 100X zoom lens designed for use in 1/2.3″ sensor superzoom cameras. The 4.4-440mm f/2.8-8.3 lens is likely to appear in the successor to the Nikon P900 which currently features an 83X optical lens, and whereas the 83X lens delivers a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 24-2000mm, the new lens would deliver an impressive range of 24-2400mm. We have already seen a patent from Canon for a 100X zoom lens and logically, with improvements in image stabilization systems, this is the direction we would expect superzooms to head. Check out the patent below:

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-65912
    • Published 2016.4.28
    • Filing date 2014.9.24
  • Example
    • Zoom ratio 97.00
    • f 4.430 43.630 429.712
    • Fno 2.70160 5.08497 8.28574
    • ω 43.39124 5.27441 0.53600
    • Bf 0.400 0.400 0.400
    • Bf (air length equivalent) 10.972 1.642 1.623
    • TL 130.7843 173.5863 217.4697
    • TL (air length equivalent) 131.0263 173.8283 217.7117

As you can see the original patent application was filed in September 2014, so realistically we could hope to see a P900 successor announced as early as this Autumn, just in time for Photokina? We shall see.

source: nikonrumors.

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