Pentax 645D II Announcement for September 2016?

Pentax 645D II Announcement for September 2016?

Following the recent discontinuation of the Pentax 645D, and with no announcement of a successor, medium format shooters were left wondering if Pentax were bringing their 645 program to its conclusion. The 645D represented excellent value for those looking to enter the world of medium format shooting, undercutting many of its rivals by quite a margin. By the time of its discontinuation however it was beginning to look long in the tooth, with many full frame and even APS-C sensor cameras exceeding, or coming close to exceeding it’s 40 megapixel sensor resolution.

The latest rumor to hit the web via thenewcamera however suggests that Pentax haven’t forgotten their medium format fans. We are told that Pentax is indeed working on a 645D II and that it could be announced as soon as September 2016, in time for Photokina. The rumor suggests that Pentax will employ the same 100 megapixel Sony sensor that Phase One are using in the new XF 100MP, a camera that costs $49,000. If the rumor is true then we can expect to see the same sensor in a Pentax body at a much lower price. No further details are currently available but we will keep you updated!

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