Will the Nikon D810 Successor Feature a 70+ Megapixel Sensor?

Will the Nikon D810 Successor Feature a 70+ Megapixel Sensor?

A rumor has appeared that spills some tantalising details about the camera which will succeed the Nikon D810. The rumor, which appeared on thenewcamera suggests that the camera will be called the D820 or the D850 and will feature a 70-80 megapixel Sony full frame sensor. The information is reported to come from an anonymous source, and relates to a prototype version of the camera which they are currently testing. This information is therefore unverified and it is worth noting that manufacturers often test various configurations of camera at the prototyping phase, so any information that is accurate may relate to a prototype of the D810 successor not destined for production. Interestingly current rumors surrounding the Sony A9, a camera that will enter the Sony mirrorless line-up above the A7 series, suggest that that camera may also feature a Sony built 70-80 megapixel full frame sensor. This coincidence does lend credence to the belief that Sony is indeed working on a sensor of this size, but could also be indicative of the tendency for unverified rumors of unconfirmed cameras to occasionally become muddled. Watch this space to see how this one pans out.

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