Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera Coming in Septmber?

Canon EOS C700 Cinema Camera Coming in Septmber?

Exciting news has surfaced within the last 24 hours for cinema camera fans, as information has has become available Suggesting that Canon are working on an EOS C700 Cinema camera.

The information, which we received via Canonrumors suggests that Canon are planning on announcing the new cinema camera in the first week of September this year, in time for IBC in Amsterdam which runs from the 8th to the 13th September 2016.

The supposed C700 will not be a follow-up to the EOS C500, and in fact is thought to be Canon’s answer to the much lauded ARRI Amira. The Amira is currently a staple of the documentary filmmaking industry, seeing use in various high end productions including BBC Earth’s wildlife documentaries, where it is deployed alongside the Red Dragon and Weapon cameras. The Amira has indeed also seen frequent use on various episodic television productions and even as a cinema B-Camera.

The ARRI Amira is capable of capturing 4k video, but does so using a 2.8K sensor leaving some questioning the overall quality of it’s 4K footage. Not in question however are the camera’s 14 stop dynamic range abilities, the Amira’s sensor is thought by many to be the best sensor in the business when it comes to dynamic range performance.

Canon’s own C300 Mark II is seen as offering excellent 4K performance with a claimed dynamic range of 15 stops, and if Canon can package similar performance into an Amira rivaling documentary style camera they may well have a winner on their hands. In order for the C700 to truly shine however we would like to see higher than 4K resolution and improved slow-motion performance when compared to the C300 Mark II; 4k capture at 120fps or even 200fps would be an extremely welcome addition to the camera’s final specification.

The rumor detailing the C700 suggests that the camera will employ a completely new Super35 sensor, and will indeed offer a resolution of higher than 4K, so the specification is already beginning to sound promising. Physically the C700 will differ from its EOS cinema brethren, possibly employing a shoulder mount of some kind. The camera will also support the use of anamorphic lenses such as the unit recently patented by Canon and is expected to enter the market at a price of more than $30,000.

further details on the camera’s specification have not been forthcoming so we will have to await further news with bated breath to see if this is the EOS cinema camera we have all been waiting for.

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