Leica Announces S Adapter L and AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter for Leica SL Cameras

Leica Announces S Adapter L and AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter for Leica SL Cameras

Leica has today announced the release of the S Adapter L and AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter for its SL Mirrorless camera. The new lens adapter extends the range of lenses that can be used in conjunction with the Leica SL to include those currently available for the Leica S medium format camera. There are currently 16 lenses available for use with the Leica S, in focal ranges between 24mm and 180mm making the S Adapter L is a no-brainer for SL shooters looking to expand their lens options.

The Announcement of the S Adapter L joins Leica’s line of SL lens adapters along side the already available M Adapter T which allows mounting of all Leica M format lenses on the SL, and in Q3 this year Leica will release the R Adapter L allowing mounting of all Leica’s current R-lenses. The development of these adapters makes the Leica SL compatible with almost every Leica lens ever made (T lenses can be mounted on the SL with no need for an adapter).


Leica have also announced the forthcoming release of the AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter for the SL camera, allowing shooters to connect headphones and a microphone to their SL. The AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter will be available at the end of June this year.


The Leica S-Adapter L is available right now in the UK at a suggested retail price of £950 ($1370). The AA-SCL4 Audio Adapter will available at the end of June 2016 at a price of £120 ($173). We will update you with US availability as soon as we hear news.

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