New M-Mount CCD Camera on the way?

New M-Mount CCD Camera on the way?

An intriguing blog post at has appeared that hints that a new Leica M-Mount compatible camera may be on the way featuring a CCD sensor. The post suggests the following:

“The announcement is coming very soon.

Unique Shape

Greater than 24 MP


…uncompromised image quality.”

The camera is not expected to be a Leica, rather it is expected that it may well be a long rumored Voigtlander camera. We will keep our eyes peeled for more information as and when it becomes available. A CCD sensor in this day and age would certainly be an odd choice given their poor high ISO performance and people’s preference, and expectance for the opposite. Even recent CMOS cameras without the AA filter have really equaled CCD fine detail reproduction. The only reason I can think to use a CCD would be to stand out from the crowd in some odd way.

Via: Leicarumors.

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