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Are Fuji Working on a Medium Format Camera?

Are Fuji Working on a Medium Format Camera?

Yesterday’s announcement that Hasselblad are due to release a new camera, possibly a mirrorless medium format unit on June 22nd, has predictably started a flurry of rumors detailing other manufacturers medium format ambitions.

The first of such rumors, reported by thenewcamera, suggests that Fuji may be working on a medium format camera that may be released In time for Photokina in September this year.

Takashi Ueno, a senior product planner for the X Series of digital cameras is reported to have said the following in an Interview in January:

“At the moment Fuji is not planning to launch a medium format camera, but we are conducting research and testing sensors in this area,” he continues. “We have a good history in the medium format market, and I think we would be successful again.”

Whilst the Interview clearly states that Fuji have no current plans regarding a retail medium format camera, an unknown source at fujirumors has reported the opposite. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this rumor,  but my gut feeling that this one is purely blind speculation in the wake of the Hasselblad announcement.

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