Fuji Launches The Highly Anticipated X-T2

Fuji Launches The Highly Anticipated X-T2

This post will serve as the main X-T2 launch page and will be updated with more information as the day progresses.

The Fuji X-T2 will sit alongside the upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV as the most anticipated cameras of 2016. There have been a ton of leaks in the run up to this launch so specifications, and the look of the camera, are not at all a surprise. In case you missed all the excitement over the last few weeks, here’s the main details:

  • 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III Sensor
  • Dust and moisture-resistant body with approximately 63 points of weather sealing; Freeze resistance to 14°F
  • Phase detection AF and motion predictive AF for continuous shooting up to 8 frames per second (fps)
    – Up to 11fps using Booster Grip
  • High-precision 0.48-inch, 2.36 million dot OLED viewfinder
    – EVF refreshes at a rate of 60fps, or as high as 100fps in the Boost mode
  • Full 4K 3840×2160 30P/25P/24P shooting (Using a card with the UHS Speed Class 3 or higher)
    – Continuous recording: up to approximately 10 minutes
    – Full HD 1920×1080 60P/50P/30P/25P/24P, Continuous recording: up to approximately 15 minutes
    – HD 1280×720 60P/50P/30P/25P/24P, Continuous recording: up to approximately 29 minutes
  • Tempered glass 1.04 million dot high-precision 3” tilting LCD monitor
  • Digital Split Image and Focus Highlight Peaking
  • Wi-Fi and remote camera operation
  • ISO200 – 6400, extended ISO 100, 12800, 25600, Auto(maximum ISO setting from ISO 400 – ISO6400 available) with High ISO 51200 setting
  • Lens Modulation Optimizer technology maximizes each lens’ performance
  • In-camera RAW converter
  • Die-cast magnesium body provides a sturdy and durable, while compact and lightweight design
  • Two command dials and six Function buttons for instant control and customization
  • Interval timer shooting for Time Lapse photography is available with intervals of 1 second to 24 hours and up to “∞” frames
  • Advanced filters and Film Simulations, including ACROS

Biggest Fail?

I feel this is dumb enough that it’s going to get its own sub-section. There’s no headphone port on the X-T2. Judging by the 4k recording and the external microphone input, Fuji really wanted you to take the X-T2 more seriously for video, but what the heck is the point in a mic input if you can’t hear what it is recording? Yes, they have included the headphone port on the battery grip, but this forces you to enlarge a camera whose main selling point is small size! Plus, the button placement on the battery grip looks absolutely abysmal. But that’s a rant for another day.

From Mr Blue

Hang on a minuet, no headphone input? Didn’t Fuji just get backlash from X-Pro2 shooters bemoaning the lack of a headphone input there too? And The X-Pro2 is only HD capable! Surely If it was enough of a deal breaker for some shooters with the X-Pro2 then omitting it from the spec-sheet of the 4K capable ‘flagship’ X-T2 shows a disturbing lack of forethought.

Video in the X-Series cameras has always been a bit of a weakness, some might even say a joke… I can’t imagine it being much better with this camera if they didn’t even appreciate the need for audio monitoring. Thankfully, most people don’t care about the video recording, so I’m sure it’s still going to be a great camera for still photos!

Images of the X-T2

VPB-XT2 Vertical Battery Grip

The X-T2 isn’t the only product Fuji have announced today, we have also received official details of the X-T2’s dedicated battery grip, the VPB-XT2. The new grip is dust and weather sealed and is able to hold two extra NP-W126 Batteries. The inclusion of the two extra batteries extends the total number of shots possible between changes to around 1,000 in normal mode, and increases 4K recording time to about 30 minuets. Extended shooting time isn’t the only trick the VPB-XT2 has up its sleeve though; Boost mode allows multiple batteries to operate simultaneously, providing the X-T2 with increased performance in continuous shooting (11fps), shooting interval, shutter release time lag and blackout time. On top of this you get all the extra controls you would expect from a vertical battery grip; A dedicated shutter release button, focus point thumb-stick, AE-L button, AF-L button, dual command dials, a Q button and an extra Fn button. The VPB-XT2 is priced at $329.00.

From Mr Blue

Let’s not forget the headphone input on the VPB-XT2…. Because there isn’t one on the X-T2 itself!

Images of the VPB-XT2


EF-X500 Flash Unit

Alongside the X-T2 and the VPB-XT2 Fuji has also announced pricing details of the EF-x500 flash unit. Originally announced alongside the X-Pro2 the EF-X500 brings a guide number of 164′ at ISO 100 and 105mm, a Zoom Range of 24-105mm, Multi Flash Mode with High-Speed Sync, tilt articulation from -10 to 90°, rotational articulation from Left 135° & Right 180° and TTL lighting control. Construction is described as ‘weather resistant’ and aesthetically the EF-x500 fits in with Fuji’s X-Series design language perfectly. The EF-X500 will be priced at $449.00.

Images of the EF-X500

Hands On Preview Posts

It seems Fuji have been very liberal with sharing these cameras around in the run up to the launch. Not surprising that this was probably the most leaked camera of all time. Here’s some of the posts from people that have already been using the camera:

Hands On Videos

Pre-Order Links

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Fuji VPB-XT2 Battery Grip

Fuji EF-X500 Flash

Fuji X-Mount Lens Roadmap Released

X-Pro2 Firmware Update

Coming in October.

Firmware Update V.2.0 Key Features:

  1. The new autofocus algorithm* (found in the new FUJIFILM X-T2) produces faster and more accurate autofocus.
    * Excludes the new AF-C Custom Settings functions.
  1. Compatibility with the new hot-shoe mount FUJIFILM EF-X500 flash. The camera will now support high-speed flash sync and multi-flash lighting.
  2. AUTO POWER OFF will now have 15 second, 30 second, and 1 minute options, allowing more customizable power management.
  3. The parallax correction function will be improved to provide a more accurate and easier-to-use Optical Viewfinder.

Press Release

FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) has announced that, in September 2016, it will release the FUJIFILM X-T2 – the ultimate mirrorless camera that uses advanced technologies to achieve premium image quality, outstanding operability and beautiful design reminiscent of traditional cameras.

The X-T2 combines the sensor and image processing engine developed by Fujifilm, with an ultra-sharp range of FUJINON lenses for excellent image resolution. Fujifilm’s color-reproduction technology, formulated over 80 years, delivers images of unparalleled quality and realism, recording a subject’s textures, three-dimensional feel and even the atmosphere surrounding it.

The X-T2’s compact and lightweight camera body is also dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10°C. Its autofocus and electronic viewfinder performance have both been substantially improved, making it more adaptable than ever before at shooting a moving subject under difficult conditions, such as sports or wildlife photography, which had previously been considered difficult with mirrorless cameras. For the first time in the X Series, the X-T2 supports 4K video recording. The Film Simulation modes, used for still images, can be applied to video to easily produce premium-quality footage.

The X-T2’s design is modeled after the “central viewfinder style” of the FUJIFILM X-T1, which has been popular since its launch in 2014. This proven stable form factor provides a camera that is perfectly sized with ergonomic dials laid out exactly where they are needed for excellent, intuitive operability. Coupling the X-T2 with the optional grip offers a superior balance, especially when mounted with a telephoto lens. The large viewfinder with the magnification ratio of 0.77x will immerse yourself in photography. The sense of perfect alignment from the center of your body to a subject through the lens creates an illusion that you have become one with the camera for the ultimate photographic pleasure.

The full lineup of 22 FUJINON lenses covers a wide range of focal lengths from ultra wide angle to ultra telephoto. The compact and lightweight lenses are all optimally designed for APS-C sensors, and incorporate standout features including large maximum aperture and powerful image stabilization to meet photographers’ diverse demands.

The X-T2 becomes the X Series’ flagship model along with FUJIFILM X-Pro2, the world’s only rangefinder-style camera with the Hybrid Multi Viewfinder, released in March this year. The two models deliver unparalleled performance in their distinctive fields, with the X-T2 excelling in portraiture, nature and sports photography, and the X-Pro2 ideal for snapshots and discreet documentary photography.

<Highlight features of X-T2>

① Fujifilm’s excellent reproduction of colors and gradation of tones capture premium image quality in both stills and video recording

The X-T2 features the 24.3MP X-Trans™ CMOS III*, an APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter boasting the highest performance in the history of the X Series, as well as the X-Processor Pro high-speed image processing engine to deliver outstanding color reproduction and gradation of tones in both stills and videos with high ISO sensitivity and low noise. The Film Simulation modes, developed with Fujifilm’s philosophy of color reproduction nutured in over 80 years of photo film research, have further evolved to capture a subject’s textures, three-dimensional feel and even the atmosphere surrounding it. The X-T2’s video function supports 4K video recording, which is the first in the X Series of cameras. Approx. 1.8 times the amount of information needed to produce a 4K video file (3840×2160) video is packed in to create stunning image quality.

② Fast response to capture a decisive moment with any type of subject

Basic response specifications, such as startup time, shooting interval and shutter release time lag, have all been improved to the extreme in pursuit of a camera that operates exactly as the photographer demands.
The high-speed processing power and the improved algorithms have significantly improved the basic autofocus performance which enables the focusing performance on points of light, low-contrast objects and subjects with fine and delicate textures such as bird feathers and animal fur, which have previously been the weakness of phase detection AF. The X-T2 also features AF-C Custom Settings for even higher accuracy in focus-tracking moving subjects. You can customize settings to optimize AF characteristics according to the type of subject movements.
The electronic viewfinder, which is used to continuously track a moving subject, is capable of displaying up to 100 frames per second, while also maintaining the magnification ratio of 0.77x and the display time lag of 0.005 seconds. The duration of the viewfinder blackout for the live view display while the camera reads picture data, has been reduced by more than half, enabling up to 5fps, instead of 3fps in previous models, during continuous shooting in the Live View mode, a better option to ensure tracking subject movements.

③ A perfectly balanced, compact, lightweight and rugged body made possible with the APS-C sensor

The X-T2’s compact and lightweight body, weighing just 507g (including memory card and battery), is dust-resistant, water-resistant and capable of operating at temperatures as low as -10°C. The use of the APS-C sized sensor offers the camera body mounts more compact and lightweight lenses, so that you only need a small camera bag to head out for all types of field photography. With the optional Vertical Power Booster Grip (VPB-XT2) you can shoot up to approx. 1,000 frames per charge.

④ Practicality-oriented design that brings back the operability of traditional cameras

Mechanical dials are provided for intuitive operation of all basic camera settings, including the shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, exposure compensation, drive modes and metering modes. The settings can be instantaneously adjusted even when the camera is turned off, so that you can be always ready for the next shot. The rear panel of the camera body features the Focus Lever which can make quick changes to the focus area for accurate focusing by moving up / down, right / left and diagonally . The rear LCD screen is the X Series’ first three-direction tilting display, which tilts up and down when shooting in landscape, and upward when shooting in portrait. The screen remains positioned on the optical axis of the lens even when tilted, facilitating easy high-angle and low-angle shooting. When not tilted, it fits flush to the body to maintain its streamlined design.

⑤ Supporting an appealing lineup of lenses, and perfect match for FUJINON Red Badge zooms

Of the diverse lineup of FUJINON lenses, the Red Badge zooms, namely XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR, XF50-140mmF2.8 R LM OIS WR and XF100-400mmF4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR, are the perfect fit for the X-T2. The Vertical Power Booster Grip offers a more comfortable grip, while bringing out the features better available for the entire system such as higher-speed AF and faster continuous shooting.

  • *X-Trans is Fujifilm’s trademark and registered trademark.