Sony News and Rumor Round-Up

Sony News and Rumor Round-Up

2016 has proved to be a time of great uncertainty amongst the Sony camera fraternity. The terrible earthquake in Kumamoto earlier this year has cast a long shadow over not only Sony, but also other manufacturers who utilise Sony made sensors in their digital imaging products.

Disruption and delays of manufacturer release schedules have been the norm this year rather than the exception, and only now, 3 months after the Kumamoto earthquake are we getting a real impression of exactly how this has affected the photography industry as a whole.

New information has come to light, via sonyalphyrumors detailing the changes Sony have had to make to their release schedule for 2016, as a direct result of damage to their Kumamoto sensor manufacturing facility;

We reported back in May on a series of secretive industry and press meetings, to be held by Sony throughout the month of June 2016. These rumored meetings were believed to be launch events for the next generation of Sony’s popular RX100 and an A5100 series mirrorless camera, but the meetings never took place. Whether that is because rumors detailing the Sony meetings were incorrect, or release dates have had to be delayed due the earthquake is unclear, but the new RX100 is expected this year and we may now have to wait until the run up to Photokina to hear any more news.

We also previously covered the much talked about new flagship full frame mirrorless camera from Sony. The camera is expected to enter the Sony line up above the current A7 flagship models and has thus far been referred to as the ‘A9’. A trusted source at sonyalpharumors has confirmed that this camera is still on the Sony 2016 roadmap, and despite current manufacturing delays we can still look forward to the announcement of the ‘A9’ later this year.

News is not so good for shooters awaiting new models in the A7 line. The line is expected to continue, becoming Sony’s second tier of full frame digital mirrorless cameras below the aforementioned ‘A9’ series, but updates may not be coming until 2017.

Finally we have also heard that there will be a plethora of lens announcements at Photokina; New GM and Zeiss Batis and Loxia lenses are on the way, so Sony fans also have that too look forward too.

Stay tuned for more Sony news and rumors as we get our hands on them.