Does the New 1D X Mark II Have a Sensor Dust Issue?

Does the New 1D X Mark II Have a Sensor Dust Issue?

Well known bird photographer Art Morris has posted an interesting comment on his blog which suggests that the 1D x Mark II, Canon’s flagship full frame DSLR, may suffer from a sensor dust issue. Art, a Canon sponsored professional wildlife photographer, and photography expert by anyones reckoning had the following to say about his experience of shooting with the camera:

“After using my new camera only a few times the sensor was such a mess that I sent it back to Canon to have the sensor cleaned. I did not check the sensor when I got it back and used it only for six days in the UK. By the middle of the trip I was seeing more than a dozen serious dust spots at only f/8.”

If this is indeed the emergence of a 1D X MArk II defect then Canon could be facing some serious issues. Photographers have to be able to trust their equipment to reliably capture their subject matter, with the minimum interference in the creative process. The 1D X Mark II is a $6,000.00 camera, and should represent the pinnacle of what Canon is capable of, the possibility that it has been released with a sensor prone to gathering dust will no doubt have many adopters nervous about using their cameras.


  1. J.P. van Popta

    I’m afraid I have the same…. massive dust spots on the sensor, while I hardly switched lenses.. and… I do exactly the same with my 5DmkIII which is full frame too.
    Besides, I use ‘dry’ sensor sweeping, and… that worked always, on 5DmkII, 5DmkIII and 1DmkIV for 4-5 years!! Now, with this 1D-XmkII, I get ‘smutges’ … so I think I have to clean wet, which… I never done before….

    I’m a bit irritated that again, an 1D, which cost a ton, has issues…. damn.

    • Mr White

      Thats’s not good news! Thanks for letting us know, it would be good to gather reports from more people.


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