Nikon Patent Multi-Lens Camera System

Nikon Patent Multi-Lens Camera System

Just days after Mr White covered the forthcoming Light L16 camera, a patent has been published which appears to show that Nikon may be working on a similar system. The Patent depicts a camera with 4 separate lenses, a quarter of the number present on the L16. It is interesting however to see a large manufacturer exploring the possibilities of compact multi-lens systems, perhaps this will be the next big thing? Check out the translated patent details below:

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-114615
    • Published 2016.6.23
    • Filing date 2013.4.9
  • Nikon patent
    • 4 eye lens
    • Bending optical system
    • Thin body
    • Shooting share the angle of view

Via: egami.

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