Canon EOS C100 III Should Feature 4K Video

Canon EOS C100 III Should Feature 4K Video

A rumor has surfaced which suggests that the successor to the EOS Cinema C100 Mark II, a camera which is expected to be announced in time for Photokina this September will feature 4K video recording. To be honest with you I struggle to even call this a rumor, The idea of Canon releasing a new Cinema camera which is not 4K capable is simply ludicrous. I suspect this ‘rumor’ is simply an educated guess, rather than an admission from someone truly in the know. I do believe it is still worthy of coverage however as it is yet another indicator of the expectation of cinema and photography enthusiasts that future products must feature 4k video to remain competitive in an already crowded marketplace.

UPDATE: It seems the timeframe for the C100 Mark III has slipped and we won’t see it in 2017. The C100 Mark II was announced in October 2014, and a non-4K camera is a tough sell these days! Of course the next likely release slot would be April 2017 just before NAB, but it’s possible it could come much earlier since historically, NAB has been a launch platform for higher end products from Canon.

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  1. Josh

    Did you mean we won’t see it “until” 2017?


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