Panasonic Announce new Model Naming Scheme

Panasonic Announce new Model Naming Scheme

Panasonic have announced details of a slimed down model naming scheme for their cameras. The decision has been made in light of reports that users are becoming confused by the sheer number of separate families in Panasonic’s camera line-up.

Panasonic currently has GF,G,GX,GH, and GM models in the wild, but GM and GF are to be cut, with cameras to be arranged in 3 families based on form factor. Numeric identifiers will then be used to differentiate between professional (one digit), Expert (2 digits), amateur (3 digits) and beginner (4 digits).

From Panasonic

To clear things up, so Panasonic is planning to put all these flat names to reduce all three families: G, GX, GH. GM names and GF therefore pass by the wayside. The idea is this: group the cases by ” form factor “. Thus, hybrid housings having a reflex look would be called now G all something, flat boxes would be called all GX. GH, they remain somewhat apart because of their very strong professional orientation video. To distinguish the level range, just use a multi-digit dialing: 1 digit for professional housing, 2 digits to the expert, 3 digits for the amateur and 4 digits for the beginner. This is exactly the logic chosen by Canon for its EOS SLR.

This has already started, but remains dependent on the industrial time. Thus, Panasonic already offers in flat cases, the GX8 (professional model) and the GX80 (amateur / expert model). This leaves room for a GX800, which could be the common replacing the GF7, GM5 and current GM1. As for G, the current G7, released in 2015, will eventually be replaced by a G8 to a more professional orientation. The range can then be broken down into Lumix G80, G800 Lumix etc. And for GH? The GH4 will he replaced by GH5 or a GH8, just to stick to the rest of the range that have already adopted the series 8? Regardless, as long as it is announced at Photokina 2016.

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