Is This The Go-Pro Karma Drone?

Is This The Go-Pro Karma Drone?

last month GoPro quietly released a teaser video for the upcoming film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, the video was well received, and in-fact caused quite a stir, although perhaps not for reasons the film’s producers would be particularly happy about. At around the 25 second mark, just before the bungee jumping Pug takes the plunge, a drone appears, a drone which is carrying a GoPro.

The Internet speculation engine of course kicked into overdrive, with claim and counterclaim that this was, and this was not the forthcoming Karma Drone. The drone’s existence is not in question, we know it is coming, and that it is coming soon, most likely in time for Interdrone Las Vegas in September. What is in question however is if this sighting, in an official GoPro video, was the first leak of the drone.

If the drone filming the plunging Pug is indeed the Karma then there can be no doubt that its appearance is deliberate, GoPro haven’t been hitting the headlines often recently, certainly nowhere near as much as in the heyday of the action camera when you seemingly couldn’t load up a webpage without being bombarded with POV videos. Interest has waned, with the sheer number of videos available, and the volume that we have consumed over the past few years making them a far less exciting prospect than they used to be. GoPro’s stock is sadly reflecting this oversaturation of content, with values hitting an all time low in January amongst reports of sales targets not met, and workers due to be laid off. Add to this innovative competition, and GoPro owners seemingly lacking the incentive to upgrade to newer models and you can see why the company might want to drum up some enthusiasm for future releases.  

Whatever the reasons are for the Drone’s appearance there can be no doubt that, even if we are looking at the Karma Drone, it is a mock-up, it is appearing in an animated film after-all! The question therefore becomes, is this what the Karma Drone will actually look like? In the metal, if you will.

Fast forward a month and we may have an answer. On the July 26th the following image was posted on the Twitter page of user Konrad Iturbe:

Karma Drone Leak

The above image was also reportedly posted to GoPro’s subreddit, from which it was swiftly deleted, the kind of behaviour which has become eponymous with the unwanted appearance of leaked material, related to a future release.

The drone pictured certainly bares a striking resemblance to the drone witnessed in ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ teaser, complete with front facing gimbal, which in the above picture is cradling a GoPro Hero4. There are minor differences however, leaving us unsure if we really are looking at the Karma, or a mock-up based on the Drone seen in the video teaser. Iturbe has reportedly claimed that the image was found on one of GoPro’s servers, although he has maintained that this doesn’t confirm that this is actually the Karma Drone, making this another classic case of internet wait and see…

All we know of the Karma so far is that it will be compatible with the GoPro Hero 4 Black edition and the GoPro Hero 5, I do however suspect that we will learn more as Interdrone approaches, so watch this space.

Via: Mashable.

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