Canon Patents Secondary Lens Mounted Camera for Large Lenses.

Canon Patents Secondary Lens Mounted Camera for Large Lenses.

An interesting Canon Patent has been published which seems to depict a secondary viewing system for shooters using large zoom and telephoto lenses on compact bodied cameras. The system includes a lens-end mounted imaging system, complete with it’s own optics and view-screen, and a hot-shoe mounted optical viewfinder. It is designed to aid in situations where the combination of small body and large lens, with no dedicated viewfinder may make it difficult for shooters to accurately capture fast moving subjects. Mounting the secondary camera on the front of the lens prevents the lens body from obscuring any of the viewfinder image, and mounting the system on the top of the camera allows the shooter to look ‘over’ the lens, therefore fully engaging their peripheral vision to aid in capturing that one essential moment. Traditionally, trying to capture fast moving subjects whilst handling a small body with no viewfinder means holding the LCD screen up to the shooter’s face, thus entirely blocking any useful view forwards into the subject area.

Other manufacturers have attempted to achieve similar results by using hot-shoe mounted red dot sights (Olympus EE-1 Dot Sight), but this is the first time we have seen an entire secondary camera used to aid in image composition and capture:


  • Patent Publication No. 2016-129275 ◦ publication date 2016.7.14
  • Filing date 2015.1.9
  • Sub-camera to get an image for patent ◦ observation of Canon
  • Sub-camera observation unit for observing the image displayed on the sub-camera

Via: Egami.