More Hasselblad MotoMod Camera Info

More Hasselblad MotoMod Camera Info

More information has become available regarding the yet to be announced Hasselblad Camera MotoMod for the Motorola Moto Z and Moto Z Force cellphones. The mod, which clips to the back of the new flagship cellphones will add a high quality Hasselblad made camera, with a physical zoom and dedicated sensor to the phone. The mod can utilize the phone’s screen for live viewing and the phone’s connectivity features for sharing images. The latest information, in the form of a leaked image of an advert for the forthcoming mod details the following features:

  • 10x optical zoom
  • Xenon Flash
  • Physical shutter and zoom
  • Share in the moment and with ease
  • Backup automatically
  • Raw format option

We shill haven’t heard yet what format sensor the mod will use, or what resolution it will be, we also have no information on the lens specification. Pricing will be the key to the success of the Hasselblad camera mod, current mods have been accused of being overpriced and the fact that this mod bears the name Hasselblad will do nothing to help keep the pricing down.

Is it a gimmick destined to be a sales flop, or a genuine attempt to create a viable alternative to a dedicated compact camera? Only time will tell.

Via: HellomotoHK.

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